Co-Parenting Goes Mobile: Six apps to keep your busy family harmonious after divorce

Mobile technology has transformed the way we communicate – especially for divorced parents. Not only does sending a text or email make it easier than ever to document communication between parents, there are also numerous apps designed especially for the complicated task of co-parenting.

There are many co-parenting apps available today. Here are six that provide features designed to take the headaches out of parenting after divorce.

The Our Family Wizard app may seem like magic when it comes to coordinating schedules with your ex. This app includes a sharable calendar, in-app messenger, and an expense log to track and manage parental expenses and payments. You can also invite your attorney, therapist, or other professionals to join your account so they can review the data saved there. One of the unique features of this app is the Tone Meter™ which serves as an “emotional spellcheck” for your in-app messages. If you use angry, negative, or terse language, Tone Meter points flags it and prompts you to edit your note before you send. For $99 per year, per family you may prevent countless misunderstandings and arguments.

Coparently provides a variety of tools designed to ease tensions between households. Along with a shared calendar, secure message center, and expense tracker, you can also network your entire support team to your account via guest access. Link your attorney, therapist, caregivers, grandparents, and others to your account so they can provide the help you need when you need it. With all these features, Coparently comes at a premium of $99 per year per parent.

Two Houses is another co-parenting app intended to increase harmony between divorced parents. It helps organize activities and child exchanges, as well as documenting school, after-school and medial information. Messaging, mediator access, and document storage are included its many features. Two Houses also allows parents to manage shared expenses and track the balance. The cost for the entire family starting at just $10 a year.

If you need a little more help managing your custody agreement Custody X Change may be right for you. This multi-functional app helps divorced, separated, or single parents create and track their parenting plans. Custody X Change gives you access to a library of “over 100 provisions and stipulations” to create your custom parenting plan. It will track your plan and keep notes about what your shared custody actually looks like compared to your plan. It accurately calculates percentages, overnights, and total hours spent with your child so you have all this information at the ready should you need it for attorney meetings, mediation’s, or court dates. Costs vary from $17 a month and up, depending upon the features you choose.

With the goal of eliminating parental disputes Talking Parents provides a platform for documenting communication in a secure manner, eliminating the need to keep up with separate emails, text messages, or social network conversations. Parents may agree to use Talking Parents or a court may order parents to communicate through Talking Parents. (This court order may be done upon the motion of one party or on the court’s own motion.) The standard plan is free and premium plans start at $5 a month.

For busy co-parents who get along well and just want to stay on the same page, Cozi may be just the thing. This family app provides shared calendars, to-lists, and a family journal. It can be accessed from mobile devices as well as from any computer. Best of all, the app is free!

If you and your ex are tech-savvy and looking for ways to stay organized, one of these apps may be right for you. One caveat: You must both agree to download the app and use it! But if you can come to an agreement on one of these six apps, you’ll be on your way to better communication and a smoother co-parenting routine for your kids.