How to Tell the World You’re Through: Five Tips from the Stars

One of the hardest parts of divorcing can be breaking the news to your family, friends and colleagues. No matter how eminent the ending, telling your nearest and dearest that your marriage is over makes it real. You also may not wish to share details of your break-up (and it’s wise if you don’t in most cases) and this can lead to awkward silences and/or idle speculation. But how do you say enough without telling too much?

When making your intentions to separate public, take a cue from people who are accustomed to being in the public eye. A quick look through the most recent celebrity breakups provides insight on how to share the news of your impending divorce without baring your soul — or throwing your ex under the bus.

Tip 1: Keep it sweet and simple.

Georgia-born television host Ryan Seacrest and his blogger wife, Shanya Taylor, announced their split in February after three years of marriage. But there was no mud slinging for these two pros. They called their divorce an “amicable split,” claiming they “still love and care about each other.”

Tip 2: Actions speak louder than words.

Using social media can be a bad idea when venting your break-up news, but Rapper Birdman and actress Tony Braxton got it right when they let their fans know their engagement was off. On his Instagram Story on January 1, Birdman wrote, “It’s over …” The couple then confirmed the break-up by deleting all photos of each other from their respective Instagram accounts.

Tip 3: Don’t divulge dirty details.

Oscar and Grammy-winner Lady Gaga’s publicist put a plain-spoken spin on the flamboyant singer’s departure from fiancée Christian Carino when she told People magazine, “It just didn’t work out … There’s no long dramatic story.”

Tip 4: Give it a positive spin.

Since announcing their divorce in January, Jeff and Mackenzie Bezos received their share of the spotlight. Leave it to the billionaire online shopping king to tweet the news to the world and skillfully try to manage the fall-out. To soften the blow he stated, “if we had known we would separate after 25 years, we would do it all over again.”

Tip 5: Be honest while remaining gracious to your ex.

Actor Tom Arnold has had his share of experience announcing divorces — including a very public split from Rosanne Barr in 1994. Earlier this year, Arnold and his fourth wife, Ashley Groussman, called 10-year marriage quits after “a rough couple of years.” But the insinuation of ongoing problems was followed up by a sweet sentiment, crafted with care, “I’m so grateful to Ashley because I would not be a father if not for her.”