I want to help people make informed decisions from a place of acceptance that change can be exciting, even when it’s scary. That’s where the counselor at law role comes in. There are times when you need to hold someone’s hand, to help them navigate the emotional waters they are in so they get into an effective decision-making frame of mind.” — Frances Nolan

Our goal is simple: To protect what is important to you, from beginning to end.

Divorce is a process that can have profound impact on your life – before, during, and after. The choices you make today will have lasting implications on you and your family. Having a trusted advisor can help you make the best choices for yourself and your family while managing the emotional strain and cost of divorce. Our goal is to not only see you through the proceedings of divorce, but to also provide you with a solid foundation upon which to build the next chapter of your life.

As divorce lawyers in Birmingham, Alabama, we specialize in shepherding you through the divorce process with confidence. We focus on your needs and concerns and serve as advocates for your best interests, whether your matter is relatively simple or uncontested, negotiated, or complicated and contested.

There is much at stake in divorce. Assets; children; expenses and preservation of lifestyle, among other things. As your divorce advocates, we can provide valued guidance and strong legal representation to address your needs and interests regarding child custody, asset division, spousal and child support.

There are many dimensions to every divorce proceeding, but your case is unique to you. No matter the challenges present in your case, we stand ready to manage the process on your behalf with care.

You Can Do Divorce Your Way

We respect the fact that most people seeking divorce prefer to keep their proceedings out of the courtroom. Many prefer to reach agreement without letting a judge decide and want a process that won’t put their children and other family members in the middle of the conflict.  For those who prefer this path, we offer creative solutions and a process that can often expedite resolution and reduce the overall cost of divorce such as an expedited informal negotiation process, Mediation, Collaborative Divorce and more.

Litigation is sometimes the only choice to protect your interests, and we are seasoned advocates to guide you through the process in the event you choose to have your case decided by a judge.

Whatever your needs and concerns may be, you need a trusted guide by your side. Helping you make the best choices during a difficult time is our mission – and obtaining the best results for you is our goal. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.