Spousal Support

When parties are able to reach agreement out of court, I want the contract that reflects their agreement to be clear and thorough in hopes that it will help them reduce conflict as they navigate life after divorce. Most clients don’t know what issues may arise post-divorce. That’s why it’s important to work with attorneys who have been through the process many times.” — Frances Nolan

There is no formula in Alabama for the determination of spousal support, commonly referred to as “alimony.”  Rather than providing any kind of mathematical schedule, the law requires the Court to consider a number of factors, among them; the length of the marriage, the ages and health of both parties, training/degrees and work history, marital lifestyle, reasons for the marriage breakdown, and any separate estate owned by the person seeking support.  Judges often weigh these factors differently making it difficult to predict the support you might receive in your divorce.  If you are financially dependent upon your spouse and are contemplating divorce, you should consult an attorney to address how the factors might be considered in your case.