You Have A Choice

At Nolan Byers we believe in a holistic approach to family law matters. As an integral part of that, we provide clients with information about all the choices available to resolve your dispute. You can have your day in court if you need it, or you can choose alternatives that don’t involve direct court intervention. Although united by ethical standards and rules of practice, most lawyers have their own style and personal approach to their work. Some see themselves as problem solvers, others as warriors; some adapt to the needs of their client and the requirements of the case. You can choose both the process and the lawyer that is right for you.

Our goal at Nolan Byers, is to identify each client’s values, needs and interests and to offer the best possible solutions for addressing their particular dispute.

We know that even a seemingly uncomplicated case must be considered carefully. We provide our clients with honest evaluation and advice, guidance to help normalize their experience, and guidance in creating the best plan for their circumstances.  It is important to us to also help clients develop a vision for their future as well as ongoing resources and support.

We Can Help You Choose the Best Option

Almost without exception, clients feel a sense of great urgency to finalize any legal process. It’s virtually impossible to be prepared for the financial and emotional cost, as well as the investment of time required. It is a mistake, however, to allow the sense of urgency for resolution to prevent you from making an informed decision about who will represent you and the method by which you will achieve a final outcome. It matters. And although there is always relief in closure, when you have not fully considered your options, there is nothing but time on the other side of the dispute to second guess the outcome.

So what are your options?

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