“Kitchen Table Negotiation”

Decisions that impact your future are best made with a clear head and plenty of information, but legal disputes are stressful and generate lots of emotion. I want my clients to feel ready and informed, so we have to spend time working through the emotional part. That’s where my Counselor at Law” hat comes in.” — Frances Nolan

Some parties are able to discuss their dispute and reach a reasoned agreement together, face to face — at the kitchen table so to speak— and only need legal assistance in preparing the documents required to finalize their settlement. When right for you, this approach can work well, move quickly and cost less than most any other approach.

This approach is generally best suited to those cases in which the disputed issues are straightforward, both parties have equal access to, and understanding of, the relevant information needed to make an informed decision and when both feel equally capable of protecting their own interests. However, if you don’t have access to all the relevant information, if you don’t understand the legal implications of the agreement you are making, or if you don’t feel like you are able to address what matters most to you in settlement, this approach probably isn’t your best option.