Division of Assets in Divorce

I focus a good bit of energy on ensuring that my clients understand the legal process, but I also want to understand their feelings and personal struggles.  That makes it easier for me to help to normalize their experience.” — Frances Nolan

The law in Alabama provides for the equitable division of the assets acquired or accumulated during the marriage; however, assets acquired by gift or inheritance, when kept separate, are not considered marital property.

Equitable means fair, it does not always mean equal. In order to determine a fair division of the marital estate, the Court will consider such factors, including:

  • Length of the marriage,
  • The contributions of each spouse,
  • The values of the various assets,
  • The parties’ conduct during the marriage, and
  • The reasons why the marriage failed.

When reaching an out-of-court agreement regarding the division of assets, you and your spouse can be as creative as you would like and are not limited by any of the factors that govern a court’s determination of what is fair.

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