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Dependency laws govern the treatment of children who are in need of care and protection.  A child is considered dependent by the court under the following circumstances:

  • The parent/legal guardian subjects a child or any other child in the household to abuse or neglect.
  • The child is without a parent/legal guardian willing and able to provide for the care, support, or education of the child.
  • The parent/custodian neglects or refuses to provide necessary medical care for the child.
  • The parent/custodian fails or refuses to send the child to school in accordance with compulsory school attendance laws of the state.
  • The parent/custodian is unable or unwilling to discharge his or her responsibilities to and for the child.

Many dependency proceedings start when a report is made to the Alabama Department of Human Resources; however, anyone with knowledge of a child at risk who wants to help the child can file a dependency petition. If you are related to a child who is being abused, neglected or who is not being properly cared for, you should seek legal assistance to determine the best way to protect the child.

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